Java Web App development using Spring Roo

Enough has been said about Java and how the Java EE 6 specification has caused the process of making web applications in Java slow and painful. True with Java the problem is of comprehensibility and integration of the different components. On top of that you have a number of things such as patterns, JPA and the web front end files. All of this come with different kind of frameworks to ease up development, for example the JPA object relational mapping can be solved by using Hibernate. However there was no meta framework, something unheard of in the Java web application development world. A framework to manage the frameworks ? Hmm, very strange indeed.

Spring Roo solves all of that by providing a nifty overlaying architecture that just does one thing - integrating the different patterns and best practices and different providers/frameworks to do that. It keeps you focused on the logic and thats what is more important.


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